The testing process

What's in my testing kit?

How do I collect my blood sample?

What happens after testing?

What's in my testing kit?

The home testing kit allows you to collect a blood sample to test for hepatitis C.

  • Instructions
  • Collection tube
    Collection tube
  • Lancets
  • Alcohol wipe
    Alcohol wipe
  • Transport case
    Transport case
  •  Plaster

How do I collect my blood sample?

Our testing kits have everything you need to safely take a blood sample at home. You won’t get the result straight away. You'll need to post your sample to our lab for testing, using the freepost envelope in your kit.

Try and post your sample as soon as possible after taking it. If the sample arrives at our lab more than 10 days after you took it, we may not be able to test it, or your result may not be accurate.

Before you start

Drink a big glass of water at least 30 minutes before taking your sample.

Wash your hands with warm water. This is to help blood flow.

Step 1

Lay your kit out, remove the lid from the tube and push the tube into the corner of the transport case, so that it stands up.

Step 2

Take the cap off the lancet. Clean your finger with the alcohol wipe.

Step 3

Push the lancet firmly on the tip of your finger until you hear a click. Wipe away the first drop of blood with a clean tissue.

Step 4

Gently massage your finger from the base to the tip. It can help if you start at your wrist and massage from there down to your fingertip.

Step 5

Fill the tube to above the 400 line (up to the top line is best). Use a new lancet on a different finger if you need more blood.

Step 6

Then press the lid on the tube until you hear a click. Gently turn the tube up and down 3 times. Put your sample in the transport pack and then in return box. Post it back in any post box.

Watch our video

Our video shows how to take your sample.

What happens after testing?

When your blood sample arrives at our lab, we test it and then contact you by text message (and email if you choose) with the result. If you test positive, an NHS healthcare professional will call you to discuss the result.

This can take up to 2 weeks.